April 28, 2014

X is for Xela

Xela  is pronounced like Shay-la. It is also known as Quetzaltenango and is one of the big cities in Guatemala. Here is a little bit of what Xela is like:

Chicken in a basket. Women carry these baskets on their heads all over Guatemala.

Yes, Walmart does exist here. 

Emree and Aunt Allie having fun riding up and down the escalators.

Fast Food strikes again. Didn't think we'd be so excited to see a McDonald's.

One of the many food carts all over town.

View of Xela

One of our favorite parts about vistiting Xela was visiting the LDS Temple. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place to be.


Emree photo bombed a branch that was visiting the temple for a family sealing. They were so excited to have Emree join them on that exciting day. Some of the people even wanted individual pictures with her. The Guatemalan people sure do love gringo babies. :) 

Just enjoying being together.

Karen trying to be cool like her son Forrest. 

A mural that some people are doing by hand.



Coca-Cola is pretty big here. Everyone drinks it. They even converted me to it. :) 

I love the little things people sell in the boxes they carry around town. I especially love the flowers and treats. 


It was so fun visiting the city of Xela. I love living in such a beautiful country where we can explore all the beauty that it has to offer.

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  1. Great to see your pictures, they really bring the sense of the city out.

    Nearly there now - well done!

    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April