April 4, 2014

D is for Dinero

If you walk down the main roads of Panajachel you will often get asked a question that has to do with Dinero or Money.  Almost everyone on the street who comes up to you and are freindly are most likely not looking to be your friend. They are looking for you to buy something. Sometimes it can get a little annoying, especially if you are a white American. Americans in Guatemala are considered to be rich and have tons of money, since most of us fly here. I've been asked many times if I flew here and when I say yes they automatically ask "Dinero?".

They often think that we have unlimited amounts of money that comes from the bank or ATM.  An example of this just happened to me the other day.  I was sitting in front of the hotel just hanging out and a man came and sat down right next to me.  He was looking for someone to donate money to an orphanage.  I told him I would love to, but I have "no Dinero," but he obviously didn't believe me.  It probably didn't help since I had an empty smoothie cup sitting right next to me.  But after that smoothie I really didn't have any money to give at that moment. 

He continued to try and persuade me to give him money. I kept trying to explain that I had no change to give right now and he said, in Spanish, the bank is right there why don't you just go and get some?  I laughed to myself and said "Lo Siento, I'm sorry," and he headed off down the street. 

I get a kick out of these people sometimes in thinking that I am so rich when in reality I am just like them.  We are living off Guatemalan wages just like everyone else.  The Guatemalan people may even make more money then we do.

In any case, if you ever come to visit just remember, if you don't want to buy something  or you don't have any money "No Dinero" are some good words to know. :)



  1. The ATM is the magic money tree. Love it!

  2. great slice of life in guatemala

  3. No dinero and where's the toilet are important in any language. Also I'm lost helps in case you actually are.

  4. I'm loving reading your A to Z adventures in Guatemala. I spent some time in Colombia several decades ago and still miss the beautiful country and so many of the simple loving people. I'll be sure to check back and see what you share next!