April 2, 2014


My brother-in-law Billy came to town this last week.  He and his friend Larry were our first customer's at the hotel.  They had a lot of fun exploring Pana and other neighboring towns and eating all the delicious food. The day before they left Travis, JC, Dago, Billy and Larry all went on a long hike up the mountain.  This is Billy's view of their adventure:

We walked down an alley and the alley led to a steep trail, and we hiked up the trail for a long time and when we didn't think we could climb any more we came across a clearing where people were tending their fields and we realized they hiked these trails every day, sometimes carrying seeds, sometimes caring crops and we knew we could go on. So we looked to the top of the mountain and we climbed toward it and when we didn't think we could take another step, when it was so hot and humid our vision was blurry we suddenly found ourselves in someone's backyard, and she was friendly, though I couldn't understand her words I understood her tone. And there was a dog there that broke our hearts, we could see it's heart through it's rib cage, which was in plain view, as were it's hip bones and all its bones. And it stared at us with sad eyes, I didn't think I could take it, then it's mate appeared, just as skinny and hungry and sad. And a third dog was there, it looked like a mix of the two but less skinny, less sad. When we tossed food to them the old ones let the young one eat. I want to go back for them. But we had to continue on, across another mountain into another town where children in rags behind gates smiled and waved at us and I was amazed at their simple joy, and confused by the loud man ahead of us honking a horn like a clown and carrying a giant box and we realized it was the ice cream man, with less music but just as annoying and we couldn't pass up the opportunity. We ate our ice cream cones and we walked and we laughed and we felt like children.
It was so fun having Billy around. Hopefully, he and Larry will be back soon with others following right behind. :) 

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  1. I never get tired of reading Billy's story of the hike. So beautifully worded. I read it to JC and he was able to see the country through fresh eyes. Anyway, glad you are posting no the A to Z challenge. I did it one year, but can't remember if I finished it or not.