April 5, 2014

E is for Eddy dady?

The other day Travis told me a funny story that I had to share with you. 

Travis and Dago (worker for the hotel) were working together and a couple times a day Dago would say "Eddy daddy?" Travis assumed he was trying to speak English, but he didn't know what in the world he was trying to say. So, he would sometimes say "Si" and other times say "No" without any idea of what he was trying to respond to. 
Then, after about two weeks of this he had the realization that Dago was trying to say "Are you ready?" Travis then clarified to him that he was definitely not speaking English and corrected him, but it was so funny that now everyone working on the hotel are all saying "Eddy daddy?" instead of "Are you ready?" 

There are funny things happening everyday around here and it makes the adventure that much more fun!


  1. I'm an AZtech minion, stopping by to say hi! Thanks for taking the challenge. Too funny about Eddy dady. What's nice is that he was trying to speak English.

  2. Sounds like Dago's english is just baby talk. Eddy Daddy?

  3. Ha! At least he's getting in there and trying! :)