April 15, 2014

M is for Mercado

The Mercado is where you get all your fresh fruits and vegetables.  It's crowded with people everyday of the week.  Aside from fruits and veggies you can also find all kinds of different odds and ends.  They sell pots, pans, wood, clothing, shoes, blankets, pillows, you name it and you could probably find it there.

One of my favorite things to get at the Mercado are these vegetable bags. They are little bags of veggies already cut and ready to cook with.  They are only Q 1 and work well with almost any dish.  It's nice when you want something quick and easy, especially when you are lacking in kitchen supplies.

The Mercado is the place to go if you want something for a decent price. It's the mall of Guatemala and is always an adventure. 


  1. All these years and I have never seen those bags. Guess I have never needed to pay much attention with JC taking care of everything.

  2. Now that's convenient!!! I love the picture of the woman talking on the cell phone! :)