April 12, 2014

K is for Keeping it Clean

Just like any where in the world it's important to keep things clean, but it is especially important in a third world country namely in Guatemala.  There is dirt flying all over the place, because of the 3 volcano's around Lake Atitlan.  You have to make sure you are consistently sweeping your floors otherwise you will get dirt everywhere. 

We learned that it is very important not only to wash your dishes, but to dry them as well.  The water is so bad that if you let your dishes air dry there is a possibility that you could get sick.  It is also important that you sanitize your fruits and vegetables otherwise this could also make you sick.

If you need help cleaning which isn't necessary, but is always nice, you can hire someone to come and clean for you. Our friend Alicia is one of the best for cleaning. She knows the in's and out's of how to clean, eat and other helpful tips in living in Guatemala. 

When you first take a look at Guatemala you would think that there aren't really any standards for cleaning and in some places yes that is true, but in other places like Panajachel, most of the homes and shops are pretty good at Keeping it clean. :)


  1. I totally understand! HEre in India we've places like that too.. but as long as we take initiative to keep clean...who knows it can definitely be contagious and catch on!

  2. I will admit that is a battle I regularly lose.

  3. Wow I don't think I could live in a third world country where you can't even air dry your dishes!! I never knew that. :)