April 7, 2014

Friendly Faces

One of the hardest things about moving to Guatemala for me was not having any friends.  I felt very alone at times, but one day I took a step back and started to realize that I know more people then I thought I did. 

First, there's Dago.  He's the helping hand at the hotel doing construction and sweeping and such.  He's helped me and Travis learn so much Spanish and in turn he is learning English from us.  

Second, there's Mercedes.  She's the fruit lady and the best one in town.  Her cart is the cleanest and she always picks the best fruit.  She knows exactly what I like.  Every time I come up to her cart she says "Pina y Mel," which is pineapple and honey.  She is a sweet lady and is very patient with me and my broken Spanish. She taught me how to say the different fruits and toppings they put on them. 

Third, Alicia. She is the cleaning lady for the hotel and also helps out at Karen and Bruce's.  She is probably one of the best.  She's shown us the ropes on things to do and not do.  She is so sweet and has a fun personality.  She's also taught me a lot of Spanish and her and her daughter are so good with Emree. (Picture is of Alicia and Emree picking flowers).

Forth, Kathy she's a Jehovah's witness who stops by often to see how I'm doing.  She invited me to lunch last week and it was so nice to get to know her and what she believes.  She has a very good heart and is also a very good friend to everyone she meets. 

Finally, there's Pauly.  He is a very special person.  All the gringo's around here call him the mayor.  He is the sweetest man you'll meet.  He always takes a minute to stop by and see how you are doing.  He has a great smile and a genuine love about him. He is always willing to help anyone new in town.  He is the friend you want to have around.  He makes you feel good  about yourself and about life.

Taking that step back and seeing those friendly faces really brought a lot of peace into my life.  I'm grateful for these wonderful people as well as the many more around here in Panajachel that I know.


  1. I must say that is a perfect description of Pauly. He is so kind. PS. I am glad you are doing the AtoZ challenge!!

  2. It sounds like you have a lot of people helping you learn Spanish!