April 22, 2014

S is for Semana Santa

Semana Santa is the Holy week in Guatemala. It's a week where there is a lot of parties, concerts, shops and food all week long as well as celebrations of Christ.
For "Good Friday" The Mayans created some beautiful artwork all along the streets that they did by hand, either in the early hours of the morning, late morning or afternoon.  They also had sacrifices laid out with a decorated table and baskets of bread and other things.
They also had processions going in Panajachel as well as in nearby towns.  We took a trip to Sololá that day and were able to see one of these processions.

Semana Santa was a fun week. It's one of the biggest holidays in Guatemala. I'm so glad I was able t be here to be a part of the celebrations. It was really neat to see what these wonderful people do to celebrate Easter and Christ.

This is a float that the people are carrying that shows Christ carrying a cross.

Sand Art all done by hand on the Roads.

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