April 6, 2016

E is for Emree

My daughter Emree is 3 years old and is so fun! She has such a sweet spirit about her and is a HUGE light in our lives! She brightens any day!

Emree has always been a strong little soul and has always been a strength to us when things get hard. She is so happy and enjoys life.  I love her laugh! Anytime things are tough and I may not be having such a great day, she is always there telling me her silly stories and giving me a good laugh. She turns my day around and helps me see that life isn't so bad. ;)

Her high heels and clothing choices (especially in the winter time) are a bold statement to her beautiful and strong personality.

Emree loves painting, dancing, singing, ice skating, twirling, reading, playing with friends (and being the leader), being outdoors and cooking. Mountain biking on easy trails with her daddy is a new hobby she is picking up as well. She loves cuddling up next to you while watching a movie and spending quality time doing almost anything. She also loves going to new places and trying new things...most of the time. ;)

She is also a girl who knows what she wants and will tell you like it is! She has a specific way she likes things and will tell you how she wants it and if it's not done right, she'll make you do it again.  At times it may be frustrating, but this bold little one adds a little excitement to our home that we can't get anywhere else.
Oh what a joy it is to have Emree is our home! We are so blessed!