April 28, 2015

X is for X Marks The Spot

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
Matt 6:21
Travis and I watch movies together often and when it's my turn to choose the movie I will usually pick 3 movies to choose from. I try to pick ones that we will both like, but there is usually one specific movie I really want to watch.
I may say that I don't mind watching any of them, which I don't most of the time, but there is usually one that I want to watch much more than all the others.
So, in recognizing this I decided to pay attention to how I feel when choosing a movie. I noticed which one was more appealing to me and how excited I felt when I looked at the cover of each movie. After noticing how I feel, I can usually come to a conclusion of which one it is that I want to watch most.
It may seem like a silly comparison, but for me it has helped me to recognize where my heart truly is in all aspects of my life.
 I've learned that instead of saying that I don't care, that I should take a moment to think about how I really feel about each decision and other circumstances that come my way.  
More often than not, I have found that when I pay attention to where my heart is, I am more likely to come to a clear understanding of what and how I need to approach each situation.
Where my heart is will determine how I approach life and will help me see where my treasure is. In a sense, I will find where X marks the spot. :) 

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