April 16, 2015

M is for Making Memories

This quote reminds me of my sweet husband, Travis. From the day I met him, his main goal in life has been to build strong relationships with his family, have new experiences and make memories. 

Our main goal, when it comes to money, is to spend wisely. To spend it on memories rather than stuff.  Memories will last us forever and will always be there and stuff…well it’s just stuff and you can’t take stuff with you when you die.  What will last us the longest will be those things that we experience.  The things that helped us to grow and become the person we are today.
I love looking back on my life and seeing all the good times and the hard times that I’ve gone through and seeing how I’ve grown, but especially I love to see all the fun times I’ve had. All the precious moments with our kids, all the fun dates we’ve gone on together, all the new things we’ve tried, there are so many fun memories.
Life was meant to be enjoyed and memories are a gift that we have been given to remember the good times and to encourage us to make more.


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  1. Creating memories with those we love is so important and worth sacrificing a few things!

    I remember a talk I heard once about these parents who wanted to remodel their bathroom and instead took the family on vacation. Years later, the kids had their memories of a great family vacation, and the speaker said, "Can you imagine us reminiscing together about the wonderful bathroom we all had as kids?"