April 24, 2015

U is for Unique

You are unique. There is no doubt about it. No two people are a like.  How crazy is that?!
We can be similar, but not one of us will ever be the same.  We all have flaws and imperfections about ourselves, but those imperfections can either make or break us.  We can learn to love our imperfections or hate them. Personally, I'm rootin' for loving them.
It's not easy to love yourself when your focus is comparing yourself with others. So, to me it's important to recognize that people are just people and that everyone is different. It's important to  remember what you can do. 
In time as you start to recognize your gifts and talents and let go of the thought of what others might think, you will find that you can be your own kind of beautiful. That you are Unique.

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