April 4, 2015

D is for Dirty Dishes

"Thank heaven for Dirty Dishes,
They have a tale to tell,
While other folks go hungry,
we're eating really well,
with home and health and happiness,
 we shouldn't want to fuss,
by this stack of evidence,
God's very good to us."

When we moved back to the U.S. from Guatemala, we didn't have a whole lot, but I was so happy to have what we did. We had an oven, a fridge with a door that actually closed, carpet (even though it wasn't much), clothes and many varieties of food. The apartment we moved into may have been so small and older, but it was and is perfect for us and what we need.
 As I have been looking back on our time in Guatemala, I have realized that it is so easy to forget to be grateful for the things that we have. There are things that we aren't able to have in my family that I wish we could, but we just aren't able to get those things right now.  So, when I would mention things like "I don't have a microwave"or "we don't have a car" (which we didn't for about a year) or even not having a cell phone, people were amazed that we wouldn't have those things and didn't understand why.
But for us, living without those things has helped us in so many ways, yes it has been hard at times, but it has helped us appreciate the things that we do have so much more. Even though at times we may forget that, we always come back and say that we are so thankful for our "Dirty Dishes," because God has been very good to us!


  1. Nice post. Its always important to be grateful for what you have and remember that there's people in the world who have less.

    @Get Lost in Lit

  2. i never thought of dirty dishes in that way. thanks for helping change my perspective. enjoy the A to Z Challenge!

  3. Having an attitude of gratitude will bring you everything you need. When you need it.

    Mee (The Chinese Quest)