April 14, 2015

L is for Looking in the Mirror

This quote is one that I have really been trying to say to myself everyday. There have been so many times where I have looked at myself in the mirror and picked out every imperfect detail.  I often forget to look at myself and truly see the beauty that I have.  
 We tend to compare ourselves to other people so much that we forget that it is impossible to be like someone else, it is impossible to be perfect.  We are not going to ever be perfect in this life so it is up to us to love our imperfect selves. It is our imperfections that make us beautiful, that make us unique. 
We compare our weaknesses with everyone else's strengths and it makes it so much harder for us to really come to love ourselves. Because we don't see others weaknesses as easily as we do ourselves, we see everyone else as just better and tell ourselves that it is impossible to measure up.
In coming to love ourselves I think that it is important to take a moment to step back and see people as people rather than looking at people as, "everyone else is so much better than me," because all you
see is their strengths. 
Our society has distorted our ideas of what beauty really means. Beauty is so much more than what you look like. It is about who you are and the fact that each of us is different means that there really is no perfect beauty, there really is no "normal" person. We are all different and those differences are what make us so beautiful.
No two people are alike. How incredible is that, that none of us are the same? That blows my mind that Heavenly Father created us in such a way that no two people are the same. We each have gifts and talents that are unique to us and that make us stand out from everyone else. Just think you have been so blessed with those gifts and talents to help others and to share your beauty.
The important thing to remember in all of this is that you are special. You are unique. No one is like you and you are beautiful!
Every time you look in the mirror, I challenge you to say to yourself "I love you, I really love you." And you will find that over time, you really do love yourself and that you really are beautiful in every way. ;)


  1. I can relate to the feeling of comparing myself to others. A while back, seeing people doing so much on facebook and pinterest started to get me down because I felt like I wasn't doing enough. So I took a break from social media and realized that my life is perfect just the way it is, because it's mine and I can live it how I want. It's so important to love yourself and what you do.

  2. Sometimes it seems impossible to look in the mirror and like what I see, but I do try.
    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy