March 29, 2014

On the Shore of Lake Atitlan

I had some free time to myself this morning to do whatever I pleased without any distractions or a little girl pulling on my arm.  I was trying to decide what to do when the thought came to my mind "you should do something you don't normally do.". So I decided to take a walk in the opposite direction I usually go and ended up sitting on the shore of Lake Atitlan. 

As I sat and looked over the lake, I was filled with gratitude for my Savior and Father in Heaven, for the beauty that has been created.  The beauty of the mountain sides, volcanoes, water, fish, wind, rocks, leaves, blue skies... the beauty of a beautiful place to live. What an amazing world the Lord created.  I am in awe of the great beauty that is here.  It took time to put it all together, but look at it now.

I'm filled with gratitude not only for the beauty around me, but for my trials.  For the blessing my trials are to me in the process of making me stronger. Sitting on the shore of Lake Atitlan was a simple action, but by taking that hour to just sit and reflect brought peace into my heart and life today.  Peace in knowing that the trials I am given are a part of creating who I can become.

 It's a blessing to be on this earth and to be able to learn and grow and experience all the joys that the Lord has intended for us to enjoy. We are the clay in his hands and he is molding us to become more like him. We have the agency to let our trials make or break us.  If we let the lord mold us into what he knows we can become, blessings flow and we will be far more then we ever thought we could become.

Just like it took time to create the world, it takes time to beautify and refine ourselves and the Lord is by our side every step of the way. 

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