March 5, 2014

Finding A Place To Call Home


Over the past few weeks we have been searching for a new home.  It's been a crazy roller coaster ride with so many up's and down's and right now I'm feeling very humbled. 

We found a place a few weeks ago that seemed like it would be a good place for us to live, so we decided to go for it.  But when we went to make the call the owner decided to triple the rent we had previously agreed on.  So we took that as a sign that it was not the place for us.  After that we decided to write down our vision of what we want in a home on our vision board.  And we found exactly what we were looking for, or at least we thought so.

We found a beautiful room with a king sized mattress, a clean shower, storage space and a nice outdoor kitchen looking over the river.  It was beautiful and we wanted to move there.  The only thing it didn't quite have was the 2 bedrooms we were looking for.  But we thought that we could make it work.  Well, we pushed and pushed to lower the price of the rent, but the care taker kept saying that it would still be 1500 Q's a month.  We were hoping for 1200 or 1300 Q's at most (that's like 200 dollars a month).  We thought this was the place so we decided to go for it without the lowered price.  We moved in and that night we felt a lot of anxiety.  We weren't sure why this was, but something felt off. 

I was confused and stayed up all night tossing and turning trying to figure out why I felt the way that I did.  Two days after we moved in I was confronted by the care taker and he wanted the money now.  I told him he would have to wait till later that day and he said "Okay, but it is muy importanto" (very important). Right after that, I ran to the hotel to talk to Travis. There was so much happening with this place and it wasn't right for us.

 So JC and Travis, went and packed up our stuff and we moved out.  It turned out that the care taker was a dirty crook anyway.  We were suppose to pay the owners through a direct deposit online and he came asking for the money in cash.  He basically didn't tell the owners we had moved in and was going to collect the cash for himself.  Thus, the reason we had so much anxiety about the place.

Surprisingly, I am relieved that we are still on the look out for a new home.  And this time we will take our time and look at our options.  Don't feel sorry for us, it's a part of learning and I am grateful for this great adventure despite the emotional roller coaster.  I am at peace with our situation and I know the lord will lead us to a place we can call home.

It's been really hard, but I have learned a great lesson from this experience.  Sometimes we are given options that are all good, but not what is best for us or what we need.  Sometimes the lord let's us decide so that we can learn from those choices that we make, to find a better one ahead.  In this case we chose a place that we thought was good, but the lord knew that there was something better for us.  I also learned that it is important not to rush the process of finding a home.  It's important to look at your options and choose from those until you have found the place that you feel you can call home. What a blessing it is to be here to learn from our mistakes and to grow and become stronger each and every day.


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