February 5, 2014

Opening Doors

Sometimes we have so much we want to do that we look at our lives and say, there is no way we will ever be able to do it all.  We shove our dreams aside and say to ourselves "we will NEVER be able to do it, because we CAN'T and WON'T be able to afford it." But what happens if you change that idea?  What happens when you look at your life and the goals and things your want to do, and say "I may not be able to do it right now, but with time I WILL get there and I WILL do it." 

Small-open-doorI have learned a pretty cool lesson this past year that has to do with this idea.  There were plenty of times where I had a want and I said to myself "we CAN'T afford it" or "we WON'T be able to do that."  In studying Stress Management I learned that by saying these things like: can't, won't, never...you stop yourself from allowing things to come to you.  You are creating a hole where your desires fall through and it's like those things will never come to you.  But if you allow them to come to you by saying things like: I will and I can into your vocabulary and mindset often, you allow yourself to open doors that you thought could never be possible. 

There were times when we were in the U.S that I thought there is no way we can afford all the things we need as well as our wants.  I would shove myself in a corner, so to speak, and make myself miserable by creating that hole where I would not allow things to come to me.  Once I realized what I was doing, I began to switch that idea around and I found that we had enough to afford our needs as well as our wants.  It's all about allowing yourself to accept those great blessings. 

The lord grants the desires of our hearts we just need to allow ourselves to accept those gifts and say that "I AM worth it, I CAN have those gifts, I CAN have those things that I want, I CAN accomplish my goals."  

Even moving to Guatemala was one of those moments where I thought it's not possible, how will it all work out?  I've always wanted to travel and learn about different cultures, but I had that idea that money was the key to traveling and that I would NEVER be able to afford it.  Well, look at us now.  We were able to afford moving to a new country and now I am learning about a new culture, learning Spanish and having adventures I kept myself away from.  Switching that idea made all the difference. When I came to realize that the lord does understand me and knows the desires of my heart, I allowed myself to open doors.

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