February 10, 2014

Life in Guatemala

We've had some fun times so far in this beautiful place. Here is what life is like in Guatemala: 

Emree poses for her photo shoot :) 

After the photo shoot a few days later.  Emree got a little confident in her ability to step down off the side walk and face planted it, but she is still as happy as can be. 

 Uncle JC and Emree spending some quality time together. 

Emree has made a lot of new friends while we've been here. Cheena (the girl who is holding her, excuse the spelling) is her buddy :) 

Karen and Bruce made it safe and sound a few days ago and are enjoying their new life so far here in Pana. 

Taxi! :) 

Father, Son time! 

A view of Lake Atitlan

There are dogs everywhere, this one reminded of Jake.

The ladies I have met here are so kind and loving. We've met some amazing people. 

A boy playing with his dog. 

A family walking down the street probably on their way to church. 

One of the many markets/tiendas. 

Now, here's something you don't see in the U.S. This is how most people travel around town. 

If you need a quick ride somewhere here is your taxi a "took took." I think they are so cute! :) 

Travis, looking like a missionary, just missing the name tag.

Beautiful hillside

Daddy Daughter Time. Emree loves her Daddy. 

This is part of our walk home everyday. 

Travis with his new glasses. Looking good! 

One place to get your fruits and veggies. 

Soccer is a big deal here. This is where the kids come to play at the end of the day. 

Fruit Lady

A Mom with her two kids.

Home Sweet Home

Outside our apartment

Emree playing with a new friend.

Casa Colonial 

We're almost ready to open up. Just a few more weeks and we are on our way! :) 

We feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place with so many great people and to be having this great adventure together. :) 


  1. well, I hope this doesn't have to be in Spanish….I am jealous…this is looking more and more appealing than Minnesota! YIKES! Thanks for sharing..love it!! Love you!!

  2. I love seeing what you are experiencing! You have always been so good at photography!