November 6, 2016

Embracing the Craziness

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, and into my teen years, I hated my curly hair. I never knew how to make it cute like all the other girls I saw with the long, beautiful, soft barrel curls, but my hair refused to do what I wanted it to.

Instead, it was a mess of curly waviness that could not be tamed. So, as I approached High school, I began to straighten my hair. I straightened my hair everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, never giving it a chance to be it's wild and natural self. I even contemplated straightening it permanently.

Fast forward to about 6 months ago. I was in a rut, tired of the same old thing and frustrated with straightening my hair. Despite all of my hopes, my hair did not want to be straightened any more, leaving me with half straight half curly hair and that was just not workin' for me.

So, one day I decided to let it be it's natural, wavy, curly self. To be honest I was really nervous to go out in public and let others see my curly locks in all of it's glory. No one had seen my hair down and curly since I was little, I always wore it up (unless it was straightened of course.)

The day I wore it down, I finally felt like me. I finally felt like I didn't have to try so hard to be like everyone else, having cute, soft barrel curls that I always dreamed of having. Instead, I decided to embrace the craziness and you know what?! I LOVE IT!!

For me, letting my hair down and be itself, was like giving me permission to be myself. It might sound silly going on and on about hair, but it was given to me for a reason and whatever reason that may be, I am so grateful for my crazy, curly hair!

Instead of feeling embarrassed about who I am, I am embracing it and showing myself that it's okay to be me. The more I let myself be me, the more I grow to love who I am and love all that the Lord has given to me.

As this month goes along and I share some of the things I am grateful for with you, I hope that you take a moment to see the little things that you have been blessed with in your life.

The Lord has blessed me with so much and my curly locks are one of those blessings that I have learned to truly be grateful for! :)


  1. Oh I love you and miss your nuggets of wisdom! Keep on writing its good for the soul!

    1. Aww,Thanks Heather! I love you and miss you too! Hope all is well in Cali!