January 30, 2014

Letting Go Of Fear

I was watching a show the other day where one of the characters asked what does fear stand for?  She followed by saying "fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real." I thought about this and came to the conclusion that I completely agree. When we fear where does that fear come from?  It comes from us taking a situation and convincing ourselves that it is going to happen to us causing us to believe that it is real, leading us to fear. 

There have been so many times where I have feared or worried about something happening to me or my family.  I have a big imagination so the littlest thing can set me off and cause me to fear so much that it becomes overwhelming...if I let it.  That's the thing, fear can only control us if we let it. 

When we were preparing to move down here we had a lot of worry and fear in our hearts.  It took a lot of preparation mentally, emotionally and spiritually for us to pick up and move away from the life that we were so comfortable with.  Now that we are here we can see that that preparation has been a success.  It doesn't mean that we don't fear or don't worry, we're human it's only natural. But when I do worry or am afraid I remember that I have some great gifts that have helped me to overcome that fear. 

I have the incredible gift of the Holy Ghost to lead and guide me everyday, to help me make decisions and to help me find peace and comfort.  Knowing that my Heavenly Father is speaking to me through the Holy Ghost is a great blessing and brings so much peace.  Another great gift that I have been given is the gift of a worthy priesthood holder as my husband.  It brings great comfort to know that he presides in our home and brings about safety and protection through that priesthood power,

I'm not sharing this, because I'm afraid. In fact I feel safer here then I ever did in the states.  I'm sharing this, because there is no need to fear.  Life is tough.  We have to go through hard trials.  But that's life.  We get up, we keep trying and we move forward without fear and by doing that we find peace.  Living in this beautiful place,  I can't see what I was so afraid of.  The only thing I was afraid of was the unknown.  Faith is the opposite of fear and the lord never wants us to fear, he wants us to trust and have faith in him. 

I decided about a week after we got here that I was not going to let Satan get the best of me and I was not going to fear anymore.  Of course it will take work and patience, but in not fearing I am able to talk to people, I am able to serve, I am able to go out and have more adventures then I ever could have imagined.

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